Any models or textures seen on this website are created by Mladen Bošnjak and are not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named MLX.


Graphics scalability, nVidia Physix, port to NeoAxis 1.0

  • Here's the graphics scalability comparison. High, Mid and Low settings respectively. Notice the fps counter in the upper left corner. The game can be played on anything from a netbook on low settings to running at 80fps on a mid range PC on high settings.

 High (dynamic PSSM shadows, bloom, foliage, normal maps)

Medium (foliage, normal maps)


  • I've switched from ODE physics to nVidia Physx, brushing out the differences now, quite a tedious business :D
  • Ivan, the main man developing NeoAxis, has updated it to 1.0, so I'm in the process of updating SickBrick to it also. Bugs all around.
  • I've updated the enemies. Every type of enemy now shoots unique bullets, grenades, shells, etc.
  • The enemy turrets are now functional. They spice up the action nicely :D
  • I began work on the last two levels of the game. The final boss fight is going to be epic B)
Next up: Sound effects, speech,music, font, logs, animations,... anyways a lot of work still ahead.
Thanks for reading. Hope you'll get to play SickBrick soon. If you can't wait, download the pre alpha demo and get a small taste of what this game will be.