Any models or textures seen on this website are created by Mladen Bošnjak and are not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named MLX.


My fellow developer stole SickBrick from me and is now earning money off of my work

Hello, I'm Mladen Bošnjak. I created SickBrick and made all of its models, textures, story, animation and maps. Ron "Maxwolf" McDowell did the programming.
We published SickBrick on Steam in January 2015. Maxwolf signed the agreements with Valve and the money goes through him first since he is in Canada and I'm in Croatia and it's a lot easier for him to set up payments, taxes and so on.

In December 2016 Maxwolf removed my access from SickBrick on Steamworks, so I can't see the revenue, generate keys or do anything related to SickBrick. He also stopped sending me my cut of the money earned from SickBrick and is not replying to any emails.
Valve says they have no way to verify I'm the developer of the game, so I'm asking you, the lovely people of the internet, for help.
If you can help me in any way, please send me an email to

In an attempt to get Maxwolf talking and to convince Valve I'm the principal developer of SickBrick, I wrote an open letter in which I explain the events that transpired leading to me being stripped of my game and the revenue earned for it on Steam and other places.
You can read that letter here.